IP Telephony service designed for schools

The LGfL VoIP Public Address System allows for school-wide announcements to be made via an LGfL VoIP service. Authorised staff members will be able to call a dedicated phone number from an LGfL VoIP phone, which then connects through to the school PA system allowing for either live audio (spoken from the user's own handset), or one of up to eight pre-configured audio files such as spoken announcements or music, to be output. Pre-recorded files are triggered by dialling a specific extension on the users phone handset and selecting the appropriate option, including one that creates a 'straight-through' connection to the PA system enabling, for instance, an impromptu Head Teacher's announcement to be initiated from their own desk phone.

The physical interface comprises a small, unobtrusive server than can be installed next to a PA system or other amplifier. The server outputs a mono analogue audio signal on a 3.5mm jack, so will typically integrate with any such school PA or audio system with an appropriate audio input.

A management webpage gives school's the ability to configure and control their own settings from within the school. Installation can be provided by Atomwide during an initial VoIP system install, or as a later addition (POA), or the server device can be installed by school or third party technicians. Support is thereafter included under the school's prevailing VoIP contract.

For more information on the VoIP PA feature please call Atomwide on 01689 814700 or email voip.lgfl.org.uk.